Costume (2009-2012) Sydney institute of technology, Ultimo campus, Sydney Australia
Costume design – Costume supervision – Costume history - Costume making – Draping – Costume crafts - Art finishing

Fashion (2008) Sydney institute of technology, Ultimo campus, Sydney Australia
Pattern making - Block construction – Grading – Cutting – Sewing – Costing – Embellishment - Fibres & fabrics - Production Drawing

Design (2002-2003 ) Sydney institute of technology, Enmore, Sydney Australia
Costume - Fashion – Set - Puppetry - Make-up - Graphic design - Website design - Construction of sets - 3rd scale Models - Puppetry - Make-up application -  Computer studies: Photoshop, Quark, and Illustrator

Film  (1999) Sydney institute of technology, Redfern, Sydney Australia
Film production - Story boarding - camera set up - lighting - Film and television industry studies 


2019 Monster Problems (Feature) Additonal standby- Main cast
2019 Reef break additional standby
2019 I'm a celeb costumer
2018 Dora the Explorer Additional costume standby- main cast 
2018 Australian Gangster  Costume standby assistant/truck
2017 At Last   (Feature) Costume standby assistant/truck
2017                        In Like Flynn   (Feature) Costume standby assistant/truck
2017 Aquaman (Feature)  DC comics Costume additonal - stunts
2017 Pacific rim - Malestrom   (Feature) Additional costumer
2016 Thor - Ragnarok  (Feature)     Marvel  Extras costumer
2016  Bleeding Steel - Jacki Chan  (Feature) Extras costumer
2016  The Secret Daughter   (TV series) Extras costumer


Home and Away   (TV series) Costume standby assistant/truck
2014 Gods of Egypt (Feature) Extras costumer
2013 Beauty and the Beast (Musical ) Paris Costume coordinating assistant
2012    The Great Gatsby (Feature) Additional costumer
2012 Lady Gaga  (Australian Tour) Costume assistant 
2012 Nicki Minaj    (Australia New Zealand Tour) Costume assistant
2012 Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, The Killers,
New Kids On The Block
Live Performance: Costume repairs, maintenance & dressing
2011 HAIRSPRAY  (Musical) Costume Maintenance & repairs
2008 Priscilla Queen of the Dessert (Musical) Costume assistant
2007 The Lion King (Musical) Singapore Costume coordinating assistant
2005-2007 Tap Dogs, Disney on ice, Mary Poppins, Mamma Mia, Jersey boys, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Buddy Holly Costume fittings/ alterations/ maintenance/ Costume dressing